Sunday, 16 October 2011


Between Ajmeri Gate and Naya Bazar lies GB Road. Full of Brothels, there are only few that are worth spending sometime. Brothel No. 64, the most famous is hyped, although good, but brothel no. 56, 57, 40, 70 are also good. At 64, the girls at top floor and the floor below the top are the ones to be at, avoid floors at bottom.. especially the bottommost at 64, Then there is place above Jaipur Golden Transport Company, where you can get a view of Mujra too. These girls are expensive and charge anywhere between Rs. 1000 to 2000/shot, while at other brothels such as 64, you shouldn't be charged more than Rs. 220/shot and 700 for whole night. Although paying the girl some bakshish might help sometimes. Below these brothels, you will find hardware shops for pumps and other electrical equipment and is quite famous for such things, but at night its a different story. They start operating from 11 AM in the morning till 12 midnight, you can enter after 12 by paying higher charges. These girls came from Nepal and work here , goes to there homes back in Nepal once a year but they never tell their family members and children about this work

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